Ed Wheeler : Santa self-portraits

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s1(sus: René Magritte
Golconda – 1953)


Ed Wheeler s-a costumat în Moș Crăciun și s-a inserat în picturi celebre. Este fotograf de peste 35 de ani dar lucrează și la proiecte personale, spune el – pentru a se păstra în toate mințile; proiectul cu Santa self-portraits durează de vreo 20 de ani. La început se îmbrăca în Moș Crăciun și se fotografia angajat în activități mai ciudate pentru personajul în roșu: bowling, graffiti, condusul unei mașini sport, Santa gets a tatoo, etc. De atunci a adunat peste 200 de tablouri în care speră să-l ”impună” pe Santa, dintre care a realizat deja vreo 40.

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Wheeler has researched hundreds of paintings and finds that certain compositions beckon to him for a “Santa intervention.” Often Santa replaces a main figure in a painting; sometimes he is added to a group composition or may even be the single human presence in a landscape. Wheeler’s intent is to pay homage to the original paintings while offering art lovers an additional reason to smile. Once a painting is selected, Wheeler embarks on a multi-step process to fully integrate Santa into the lighting, brushstrokes and tonal values of a particular painting. The lighting in the studio must match that of the original artwork: this is critical to maintaining the fidelity of the original. Wheeler’s meticulous attention to detail, lighting and relationships between figures lead to another kind of art experience.

Recognize this?




s2(Inspired by:
Claude Monet
The Japanese Footbridge and the Water Lily Pool, Giverny – 1899)


s3(Inspired by:
Giorgio de Chirico
The Soothsayer’s Recompense – 1913)


s4(Inspired by:
Jacques-Louis David
The Death of Socrates – 1787)


s5(Inspired by:
Rembrandt van Rijn
The Night Watch – 1642)


s6(Inspired by:
Supper at Emmaus – 1601)


s7(Inspired by:
Édouard Manet
Le déjeuner sur l’herbe – 1862-63)


s8(Inspired by:
Sandro Botticelli
The Birth of Venus – 1486)


s9(Inspired by:
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
The Large Bathers – 1884-87)


s10(Inspired by:
Cassius Marcellus Coolidge
A Friend in Need – 1903)


s11(Inspired by:
Winslow Homer
The Life Line – 1884)


s12(Inspired by:
Jan van Eyck
The Arnolfini Portrait – 1434)


ss(Inspired by:
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
At the Moulin Rouge: The Dance – 1890)


sss(Inspired by:
Edgar Degas
The Ballet Class – 1880)


De reținut că imaginile se găsesc ca și cărți poștale.

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