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Christian Hopkins este un tânăr fotograf care combină arta autoportretului cu tehnica conceptuală, totul îmbăiat în imagistica și stadiile depresiei, pe care pare că vrea să ni le arata așa cum le-a trăit. Într-un interviu foarte interesant Hopkins vorbește despre frumusețe, observ că și el e îndrăgostit de frumusețea acestei lumi triste. Spune că a început să fotografieze ca terapie de recuperare împotriva depresiei, mai spune și că fotografia este singura unealtă pe care o are în această luptă. De fapt aici fotografia înseamnă frumusețea pe care o vede, iată – dacă frumusețea nu va salva lumea, probabil ne va salva totuși pe câțiva dintre noi.

Christian Hopkins: Most of my concepts start with an emotion, particularly one that I cannot explain or identify. I get extremely uncomfortable whenever I’m not in control, and it’s particularly unbearable when that loss of control is coming from something as personal as my own mind. When this happens, I usually sit down and try my best to put that emotion into words. For example, with my picture “Defense Mechanisms,”, my general words were: “I love photography, but I’ve reached a point where my personal expectations of my own work have exceeded my skill level. Now every time I try to take a photo, I get frustrated because I’m never satisfied with the result, but I can’t stop taking pictures because so many people are waiting to see what I’ll make next. It’s all so unbearable that I’d forever cut photography out of my life,  remove something that is so close to my heart, just to stop feeling this.” And once the words are there the picture just kind of…appears. (Sursa)

Iată ce am ales:


Depression (dih-presh’-uhn) n. – knowing that, no matter how flawless your editing is, your wings will always be held up with string.


My opinions were simply a reflection of whoever was speaking to me, and to describe my true self was akin to describing the color of a mirror. Ironically, I had simultaneously held a feverish desire to break away from the mundane and seek undiscovered beauty. I was often called the “creative” one whenever I was in a situation that involved art or expression because I was never satisfied with taking the obvious path and becoming forgettable.










I started noticing things like complimentary colors, interesting perspectives, the behavior of light, and everything before me became richer. Since then, that lens became my third eye with which the world become so much more beautiful.





Christian Hopkins ni-l recomandă pe Stephen Criscolo cu ale sale The Five Stages of Grief, despre care spune că este singurul lucru din lumea aceasta despre care s-a încumetat vreodată să spună că e perfect. Îl găsiți aici.


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