Collage # 5 : what happens when the music box closes

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annie_leibovitz(Foto: Annie Leibovitz)



What are the rules for surviving a Mythos story?


”Don’t open any strange boxes, do not read any strange texts, eliminate any strange alternate new age religions with names that have more than twenty seven consonants and no vowels and their practitioners with fire, steel and possibly tactical nukes if needed…if all else fails call either Batman, Dr Who or the Winchester brothers…”

”The universe is vast, cold and empty. There is no hope, all is lost. Survivors only last a blink of an eye.”

”Insanity is the only way to survive”


”Open a tea shop and get a kitty. At least in your damaged mind that’s what you’ll think your doing”

”Have dogs and be drunk”

”Rule #1- No one talks about how to survive a Mythos story…”


Bukowski Blues Walls :