The sharp knife in the mind… That kills the devil in the soul

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(The sharp knife in the mind… That kills the devil in the soul)

“We saw the Encantadas , but on the Encantadas I saw something that Melville hadn’t written about, we saw the great sea turtles crawl up out of the sea for their annual egg laying, Once a year, the female of the sea turtles crawls up out of the equatorial sea up onto the blazing sand beach of a volcanic island to dig a pit in the sand and deposit her eggs there. It’s a long dreadful thing, the depositing of the eggs in the pits, but when it’s finished, the exhausted female crawls back to the sea half dead. She never sees her offspring. But we did… Sebastian knew exactly when the sea turtle eggs would be hatched. And we returned in time for it. “

“In time to witness the hatching of the sea turtles, and their desperate flight to the sea, the narrow beach, the color of caviar was all in motion. But the sky was in motion too full of flesh eating birds…and the noise of the birds. Their horrible savage cries circled over the narrow black beach of the Encantadas. while the newly hatched sea turtles scrambled out of their sand pit, and started their race to the sea, to escape the flesh eating birds, that made the sky almost as black as the beach. And I said Sebastian, no, no it’s not like that but he made me look, he made me see that terrible sight.”

“What was not like that?”

” Life, I said, No”

“No, No that’s not true, but he said it is…he said, Look Violet, look, there on the shore, and I looked and saw the sand. Alive, all alive, as the new hatched sea turtles made their dash to the sea, the birds hovered and swooped to attack, and hovered and swooped to attack, they were diving down on the sea turtles, turning them over to expose their soft undersides, tearing their undersides open, and rending and eating their flesh… Sebastian guessed that possibly only one hundred of one percent of their number would escape to the sea.”

“Nature is not created in the image of man’s compassion”

From Suddenly, Last Summer (1959, Joseph L. Mankiewicz –  Tennessee Williams play –  Gore Vidal‘sscreenplay)


Bonus about Lobotomy :



On January 17, 1946 a psychiatrist named Walter J. Freeman launched a radical new era in the treatment of mental illness in this country. On that day he performed the first-ever transorbital or “ice pick” lobotomy in his Washington, D.C. office. His patient was a severely depressed housewife named Sallie Ellen Ionesco. After rendering her unconscious through electroshock, Freeman inserted an ice pick above her eyeball, banged it through her eye socket into her brain, and then made cuts in her frontal lobes. When he was done, he sent her home in a taxi cab.

Before his death in 1972, he’d crossed and re-crossed the nation 11 times, and had performed the “ice pick” lobotomy on no less than 2500 patients in 23 states.