Hans Bellmer’s Dolls Project : “the world is a scandal”

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Hans Bellmer – un alt dus cu pluta autentic. (Doamnelor, domnilor scuzați hiatusul postărilor, nu am murit, doar am înviat.) Să reluăm, deci, de unde rămăsesem. Nu ai cum să nu-i admiri pe suprarealiști măcar pentru o chestie – o iau pe câmpie/coclauri, e adevărat – dar cu stil și într-un mare fel, e și aceasta o definiție a artei.


Îmi place foarte mult scurta descriere a lui Hans Bellmer de pe siteul MoMA (unde puteți găsi și alte creații ale artistului):

German photographer, sculptor, printmaker, painter and writer. As a child he developed fear and hatred for his tyrannical father, who totally dominated his gentle and affectionate mother. He and his younger brother Fritz found refuge from this oppressive family atmosphere in a secret garden decorated with toys and souvenirs and visited by young girls who joined in sexual games. In 1923 Bellmer was sent by his father to study engineering at the Technische Hochschule in Berlin, but he became interested in politics, reading the works of Marx and Lenin and joining in discussions with artists of the Dada Movement. He was especially close to George Grosz, who taught him drawing and perspective in 1924 and whose advice to be a savage critic of society led him to abandon his engineering studies in that year. Having shown artistic talent at an early age, he began designing advertisements as a commercial artist and illustrated various Dada novels, such as Das Eisenbahnglück oder der Antifreud (1925) by Mynona, in a style influenced by Grosz.


To show his repudiation of Fascism and the aesthetic it propagated, Hans Bellmer began to construct girlish three-dimensional dolls, which he photographed in erotic poses. Some of these works were published by Bellmer at his own expense in 1934, others appeared in the Surrealist journal “Le Minotaure”, ensuring Bellmer important ranking among Paris Surrealists.

Din biografia lui mai reținem și faptul că a încercat să folosească obscenitatea pentru a exprima rebeliunea împotriva societății, și raționalității convenționale, Bellmer a fost și unul dintre co-fondatorii mișcării Realismului Fantastic, iar în lucrările sale de maturitate moartea este reprezentată ca fiind polul opus al dorinței.  Eu am ales câteva imagini din așa-numitul Dolls Project, pentru că… Păpuși și fotografie.







“If my work is scandalous, it is because the world is a scandal.” – Hans Bellmer



The Doll circa 1936 by Hans Bellmer 1902-1975



În cuvintele lui Hans Bellmer acest proiect ar putea fi descris astfel:

“The Body (as) comparable to a sentence that invites us to disarticulate it, so that, through a series of endless anagrams, its true contents may be recomposed.”


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