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Ewa Partum s-a născut în 1945 în Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Polonia. A studiat pictura și literatura iar preocupările sale s-au îndreptat înspre găsirea unui nou limbaj al artei. Termenii cu care a lucrat au fost: active poetry, metapoetry și tautological cinema, totul sub umbrela artei conceptuale, a feminismului și a folosirii propriului corp pentru a transmite un mesaj.


A fost printre primele femei care a mers goală într-un spațiu public, spunând că va continua să facă acest lucru până când femeilor li se vor acorda drepturi artistice egale cu ale bărbaților.


The artist scatters large white letters across various landscapes; the random movement of the letters through the space lends temporality to the process, moving towards post-structuralist discourses on language. These discourses state that the signified does not depend only on one signifier – a letter or an image – but on the combination of, and relationship between, a multiplicity of signifiers. The white card letters that she uses in these acts are those that were used for socialist propaganda slogans. After the fall of the Socialist regime in Poland, such letters disappeared from the streets and the market, which adds another level of reading to the film these days. – Lola Hinojosa


In conceptual art the idea or concept is the most important aspect of the work. When an artist uses a conceptual form of art, it means that all of the planning and decisions are made beforehand and the execution is a perfunctory affair. The idea becomes a machine that makes the art.


Despre poezia activă și tautological cinema, în acest video, dar înainte:

Tautological cinema” was a conceptual notebook of a special kind, in which the linear, designated message presented an extension of the artist’s conceptual ideas. The short films, lasting only a few minutes, are the tracing of a „time between“ – a time between the beginning and end of the course of a certain situation or simple activities: they are “that which is to be said and nothing beyond that“ a precise and complete communication.

The poetic work of Ewa Partum consisted in scattering single alphabet letters into a non-artistic space: be it the open air, sea, or an underpass. This gesture led to the deconstruction of a language whereupon grammatical, syntactic and semantic structures were used to determine certain patterns of an artistic statement. Her poems were shaped by coincidence, which made their language more open and process-orientated.


Poem by Ewa is also considered to be a classic work of Polish conceptualism and visual poetry, as well as a vital point of reference for contemporary feminist art.


Implicare totală în artă, folosirea tuturor mijloacelor, inclusiv mijlocul speciei de care aparține pentru a transmite un mesaj pentru care întâi trebuie să găsească un nou limbaj. Despre toate astea îmi vorbește Ewa Partum. Lumea ar fi mai săracă fără astfel de artiști.









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