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Camille Lepage este un fotojurnalist care a fost ucis la 26 de ani în Republica Central Africană. Corpul ei a fost descoperit de trupele franceze care patrulau în regiunea Bouar.Încă este investigat cazul, se pare că nu se știe cu exactitate ce s-a întâmplat.

Cineva dădea în urmă cu puțin timp un citat pe pagina ei de Facebook:
“On vit, on pense, on souffre, on est ému, on aime par le regard. Celui qui sait sentir par l’œil éprouve, à contempler les choses et les êtres, la même jouissance aiguë, raffinée et profonde, que l’homme à l’oreille délicate et nerveuse, dont la musique ravage le cœur.”
Guy de Maupassant


Fotograful Ahmed Hayman povestește:

When they asked her ‘why did you choose Africa?’
She replied…
I want the viewers to feel what the people are going through, I’d like them to empathize with them as human beings, rather than seeing them as another bunch of Africans suffering from war somewhere in this dark continent. I wish they think “why on earth are those people in living hell, why don’t we know about it and why is no one doing anything?” I would like the viewers to be ashamed of their government for knowing about it without doing anything to make it end.
Since I was very little, I’ve always wanted to go and live in a place where no one else wants to go, and cover in-depth conflict related stories.. I can’t accept that people’s tragedies are silenced simply because no one can make money out of them”
Camille was murdered yesterday in Central African Republic while doing her job
I still can’t believe or understand what happened, Please pray for her.. she was doing something very important.

c3(Camille Lepage’s note: As a French soldier targets an agitator behind a house, two local sellers hide in their shop.)

Eu vă propun să încercăm să o sărbătorim prin fotografie:





A young girl is standing outside the cave her and her family are staying in.



A Muslim girl takes refuge in a Koranic school in the majority M





Camille Lepage ne-a arătat și a împărtășit cu noi ceea ce a văzut: multă culoare, bucurie și speranță în mijlocul tragediilor. Imaginile ei îmi povestesc despre faptul că tragediile cele mai groaznice sunt cele cotidiene, cele cu care ne obișnuim.

Merci beaucoup, Camille Lepage!


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