Why we love clowns ! Bruce Davidson

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I just LOVE this photograph!

© Bruce Davidson:

(The story!!!)

There was a cold drizzle on that afternoon when I first saw the dwarf. He was standing alone outside the tent smoking a cigarette. His distorted torso, normal size head, and stunted legs both attracted and repelled me. He was dressed in a « Little Tramp » costume wearing a tux with tails, sporting a black derby, and holding a small bouquet of fake paper flower. He stood there pensively in the privacy of his inner thoughts. As I moved closer he sensed my presence but the click of my camera shutter did not seem to disturb him. He seemed to know that it was the inner moment I was drawn to and not his clown face or physical appearance. I wanted him to be himself and not act the clown because I was taking his picture. He was waiting for the musical cue that would send him into the brassy sounds and glitter of the wonderment world exuding from inside the big top.
He disappeared into the tent and I felt his loneliness and at the same time a certain power standing over a man less than half my height.