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Algis Griškevičius este un artist din Lituania. Pictează și e fotograf, a avut peste 52 de expoziții personale internaționale. Spune că genul lui este realismul magic.

At the beginning of my career I was deeply interested in hyperrealism, but quit quickly and moved to so called ‘magical realism’ which sometimes passed through surrealism. While you are young it is always a difficult to say which creative method is the best for your emotional attitude, but with a lot of hard work everything comes naturally.


Griskevicius._zmogus-lentaÎmi place senzația de suspendare într-o altă dimensiune (aproape că aș inventa vieți pentru personajele lui), îmi amintește de exemplu de atmosfera dintr-o carte SF mai tenebroasă căreia i-am uitat titlul. Cu lumi care intrau una peste alta (până nu mai știai care, cum e), un oraș unde era mereu întuneric, o clădire a bisericii ca portal către un iad dominat de un preot inteligent și sinistru, oameni mergând teleghidați și spălați pe creier, etc.


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AlgisGriskevicius17Cineva le descrie pe net drept imaginile alb-negru cele mai zburătoare pe care le-a văzut vreodată.


AG: In my photography I try to tell little tragicomic stories in which opposite feelings and beings intertwine – from naive game to absolute absurd. The uniqueness is in a lot of work because photosessions required cranes, digging ponds, building wooden ferry and so on…

Sometimes it could take a whole month to prepare for a photosession. There are several films documenting preparation process, you can find them in the News section on my website. I want to convince the viewer that it takes only a wish for dreams to come into the reality. And that the world is like a big theatre – absolutely not a metaphor.



AlgisGriskevicius19AG: Probably this interview will be read by people who more or less are associated with art – ones as viewers, others as artists. To both of them I would like to wish avoid looking at creative process as an entertainment (which is common nowadays). It is a serious work that requires a lot of physical and emotional effort. While writing this phrase the stone rolled down again…




fantastic_black_and_white_photographs_09Interview with AG, here.

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