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I'm Still Here(A plate of rice in a bombed house in Gaza City. The family was eating rice in their living room a few minutes before receiving an SMS saying that the area was going to be bombed.)

Eloisa d’Orsi este un fotojurnalist francez cunoscută mai ales pentru fotografiile din Israel și Gaza. I’m still here este un ciclu de fotografii din Gaza despre oamenii care au rămas în casele bombardate, și au continuat să rămână în casele lor indiferent ce se va fi întâmplat cu ele și cu ei.

“I am not leaving,” they declare when you talk to them. “I’m staying here. They can destroy everything, they can tear down my house, kill my cattle and my plants, but I’m staying here. Because this is where I belong.” 

I'm Still Here(24-year old Walid Rouck in what remains of his house in Khuzaa, in the Gaza Strip. One of the mothers from the neighbourhood was there looking for things, trying to find anything under the rubble. Khuzaa, Kan Yunis, the Gaza Strip)

Ce a mai făcut ea:

Eloisa d’Orsi, 35, is free-lance photographer based in Spain.
Born in Compiegne, FR, in 1977, she graduated in visual anthropology from Turin University, Italy. She is a member of the “Donquixote Collective” since 2002. She worked on his own personal projects in South America and Asia several years. She documented the diaspora of IDPs in Colombia, the work of women against war, the condition of the natives in Venezuela etc.
More recently, she has dedicated the past three years to working extensively on Italy and migrants in Europe.
Currently he is working on a long-term project about UE and Schengen Zone. Her work has been published in to many italian magazines including Géo, Internazionale, L’Europeo etc.

I'm Still Here(A resident who has returned to her house to see what remains. Al-Tufa Area, the Gaza Strip)

Prezența umană printre dărâmături este mai mult decât o mărturie. Devine poate un studiu de antropologie prin imagini.

I'm Still Here(Youssef Al Aqraa, Beit Lahya, the Gaza Strip)

O poveste cu oamenii care mai stau pe propriile picioare printre ruinele vieților lor. Sau despre cât de mult putem îndura.

I'm Still Here(Huwaida Ramadan and her friend reading the Koran inside Huwaida’s destroyed house in the Al-Tufa Area in the Gaza Strip. In 2008, Huwaida Ramadan lost her home and her husband in heavy shelling. She and her daughter went without proper housing for a number of years until the house was rebuilt thanks to one of the institutions financing the reconstruction. But they spent just a week in the new house before they were forced to flee when the war broke out this year. At the end of the war, when she returned, the new house had been destroyed.)

I'm Still Here(10-year old Ahmed Alnjar sleeping outside his destroyed house in the middle of a large area which has been devastated by Israeli airstrikes. Kuzaa, the Gaza Strip.)

I’m Still Here is the story of those who remain after the light goes out. After the bombs, after the invasion, after the funerals for the victims. It is the story of those who, year after year, war after war, continue their struggle to put the pieces back together and try to carry on.

I'm Still Here(Rafah. the Gaza Strip)

Întotdeauna am fost impresionată de cât de estetică poate fi disperarea, dezastrul, mizeria, haosul creat de circumstanțele din jurul nostru. În fotografie dărâmăturile devin atât de frumoase. Obiectele distruse sunt mai frumoase decât obiectele intacte, noi-nouțe. Eloisa d’Orsi sau Estetica Dezastrului.

I'm Still Here(Hanin Yousaf Najar, in her family’s devastated house, where they found six bodies rotting in the bathroom. They closed the bathroom due to the stench but left it covered with blood “for Amnesty International”, they say – so that the organisation can decided whether war crimes have taken place. What they don’t know is that Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch no longer have permission to enter Gaza. So, with the bombs found in the ruins set out on display, life goes on in the room next door, which was saved. During the bombings, the various family members all sleep in different rooms, so there is more chance of someone surviving. Wrote in the wall: “my small heart can’t afford more”.)

I'm Still Here(The soap factory of Abu Ahmad Habosh, in Gaza City. The children of the owner and of the employees help remove rubbish and look for what can be salvaged.)

18-gaza0009.w529.h352.2x(A makeshift shelter in Rafah, the Gaza Strip.)

h(Saqer Alqatrous, a young father, collects what useful things he can find. His house was destroyed because of a Hamas target next door. Rafah, the Gaza Strip.)

g(A ray of sun in a desolate Gaza City in the early days of the ceasefire.)

I'm Still Here(Graffiti at the house of Osama, a Palestinian coast guard. Osama’s large, two-storey house was devastated in the bombings. He was angry because he said it would have been much easier to rebuild if they had destroyed it completely, whereas now, he will have to bear the cost of knocking it down before being able to rebuild. One thing is certain though: he won’t leave. This is his house. If they destroy it, he will build another one. Again and again. Gaza City, the Gaza Strip.)

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