Danielle Collobert / anche donnette l’hanno fatto

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d1One of my heroes. A great person. Strange one. I’d be happy if at least 3-4 people like her after reading this post.

More about her here:

https://www.asu.edu/pipercwcenter/how2journal/archive/online_archive/v1_1_1999/ncdanielle.html     – huge quotes here too



d2(pages from Danielle Collobert‘s Notebooks – 1960-1961, translated by Norma Cole)


Such a strange night — on the Quai des Fleurs — I’ve been living here for a
few days — very nice apartment — They’re sleeping — the table faces the
window where I write — the Seine — the lights — water — calm came back —
like glancing crystal in the water — rising and falling — as real as my hand
— my face in the pane — the Seine’s reflections disrupting the lamplight’s
opacity — like crossing dream with reality — and then a car passes — from
light to opacity — disappearance —
tranquility — very rare peacefulness – after days of emptiness — empty
enough to put off getting up — because of the emptiness itself — and after
— completely futile efforts to fill in —
why despite appearances I go to such lengths to achieve this feeling
emptiness — of discomfort — as though every gesture –every movement were
bringing me nearer to death —
the sensation of emptiness disappeared in that orgasmic moment —

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