Ines Seidel / ”sentences gather in puddles”

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i14Ines Seidel makes sculptures, photography, altered books and a number of other beautiful objects and images that are somewhat out of any world you and me could ever imagine. She was born in 1972, lives in Munich and from 2013 she is a full time artist. She is the most interesting artist I found lately because she does not stop at one art, she mixes at least 3 in every picture/object she makes, and the result is ballanced compositions of the most elegant expression of self I ever encountered in visual art. Thank you Ines Seidel for the wonderful images you share with us!

Here I will mix the images found on her facebook page with the few words (Haiku-like poetry) found on her blog.

© Photography & Text : Ines Seidel

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i1knowing for real,
beneath the skin
and deeper.

i2Stories in a river, a lake or on ice. Floating, washed ashore or tied to the land. An exploration with diaries.

i3Planning a scenario is like creating a new place and mapping out the connection between Here and There. Or else, creating a border between Here and There. Scenario 1: Everything could be different. Reality 1: Everything will be different. The list of known places must be revised continuously. But the ultimate place, the exit to all scenario planning, is not part of the story, not part of any list.


Rewriting stories with empty lines.

i5 At the edge of the story, where something new is about to begin.

i6My story and yours
still separate, frozen
are starting to melt:
Letters flow away,
sentences gather in puddles…

i7Our story, one slow current,
trickles into new patterns,
seeps into the ground or evaporates
save for a bit of dust,
and falls down as rain, somewhere.

i8May the story hold me, may it be LARGE and bear all of me, may it last long enough to define my FEATURES.
May the story hold YOU, may it be LARGE and bear you, may it last long ENOUGH TO DEFINE your features.
MAY THE STORY hold you and me, may it be large AND BEAR US. May it last long enough to carve out our FEATURES. May it give US NAMES. MAY it be loose enough so we CAN SEE THROUGH IT. MAY IT BE DENSE ENOUGH TO HOLD US FOR A WHILE TOGETHER. MAY THE STORY HOLD YOU AND ME. May it hold us. May it hold you and me. May the story hold all of us.


unsung verses

of the promised touch

a scent not yet recognized and

the words I am still searching for.

i12walls from words and windows from soft words and doors from stories and walls from words and windows from soft words and roofs from half sentences and stairs from laughter only the light is simply here. And you are here. I am here.

i13And roofs from half sentences and walls from words and everything can fall apart if we don’t catch a new word, but light is simply here. And you are here and I am here and doors from stories, if you believe them. Stairs from laughter, cellar rooms from unspoken words. If you believe them. If you believe words, you are here with me.


Living inside stories, as if they were your skin.

© Photography & Text : Ines Seidel