Photography Collages / self-made

Posted on July 25, 2015 by


1 and 2

Every once in a while I allow myself to post here some images made by myself, even if this blog is not about that. I call it collages, but it’s mostly photography and text.

Like if you like it, I am truly curious what you think of it. 🙂

© ocdlit & adună




nu(translation: some of us would prefer a coma)

ceva care să taie(translation: we are where we wouldn’t expect / and it’s the same everywhere / sometimes you want to throw down something that cuts)

my ptc2dececoma(translation: a SF moment / paranoia on the way home / clinical curiosity / we hug a kilogram of flour)

repede(translation: make sure no one is coming and hide in the closet/ found adresses / missing floors)

sictir 1sictir 2(translation: shiny ”don’t give a shit”, that sizzles)

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