Günter Brus / ”boogie man” experiment

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gunter3Austrian performance artist, draughtsman, painter and filmmaker. He studied commercial graphic art at the Akademie für Angewandte Kunst in Vienna between 1957 and 1960. He was called up for military service, after which he found it difficult to return to painting, and by the end of 1962 he had started to concentrate on the act of painting rather than on the finished works themselves. (Source: tate.org)

g1More about the group called ACTIONISM, here.

g9”Brus was the co-founder in 1964 of Viennese Actionism (German: Wiener Aktionismus) together with Otto Muehl, Hermann Nitsch, and Rudolf Schwarzkogler. His aggressively presented actionism intentionally disregarded conventions and taboos with the intent of shocking the viewer. Sentenced to 6 months in prison after the Kunst und Revolution event at the University of Vienna in 1968, he fled to Berlin with his family and returned to Austria in 1976. Brus urinated into a glass then proceeded to cover his body in his own excrement, and ended the piece by drinking his own urine. During the performance Brus also sang the Austrian National Anthem while masturbating. Brus ended the piece by vomiting and was subsequently arrested. Through this piece and his other performance works, Brus hoped to reveal the still fascist essence of the nation. Brus also was editor of the Schastrommel (author’s edition) from 1969 on. He was involved into the NO!Art movement.” (source: Wikipedia)

g3”It′s always seemed odd to me that people don′t paint with both hands. I mean, if I′m technically so shackled that I can′t paint with my hair, stomach or bottom, what about my other hand? You′ve got to live in painting. All-round painting… Indefinable space-at least indefinable in traditional terms-that′s what I require of my paintings. There must be absolutely no central focus… There can be no progress until that damned centre has been eliminated… My paintings are sublimated stamping,screaming and hissing-I try to translate a process experienced physically into a physically visible one.”– Günter Brus (Source)

gunter”The white room is an interior to be made devoid of any specific sensualism emanated by objects. Ultimately it is classic white canvas expanded into three-dimensional space. ”

”Art is gushing hot bile on the fields and harvesting the looks of nasty dwarfs.”

”I want to cover all areas that can be depicted visually. This ranges from fairytales to attempts to enter the abstract and view oneself as a social outcast or someone struggling to stay alive.” – Günter Brus (Source)

g6g8”Art is created in a state of delirium. Anything else is the restoration of monuments. Collectors are artist that do not have a home. They have to make one for themselves.”- Günter Brus (Source)

You become an artist to upset your family.

  • P. 51 (Gunter Brus.Nach uns die Malflut!Pheoretische Poesien.Klagenfurt:Ritter Verlag,2003, p. 135)

g5Günter Brus is a fascinating person with overwhelming work, you can see that just by reading about his projects, by seeing his images, by (almost) understanding his ideas. I just found out about him and everything referring to his existence is simply awkwardly cool in the way artists today rarely are… This is a complete artist truly worth of all our attention.(At least mine…)

g4g7g21 Interesting sources, so you can find out more about him:

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Quotes taken from Brus, Günter (2005). Monika Faber. ed. Nervous Stillness on the Horizon.

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