Ashkan Honarvar / ”dispassionate surgeon”

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Ashkan Honarvar was born in 1980 in Iran, he now lives and works in Norway. He makes collages with a twist. He’s like a mix of Alexander Christoph Sterzel & Ray Johnson. Most of all I love the diversity of his subjects, and his chaotic creativity. I love his B&W stuff, some of it I’ll post here. He is a born weirdo, which recommends him as one of us.

© collages:  Ashkan Honarvar


Places to find his work:


One of the best series is FACES:


Imperfections play a big role in my work. I’m always looking to find beauty in places you don’t expect them to be. I think subconsciously I’m trying to find beauty/aesthetics in the extremes, just to be able to believe that everything is ok and there is hope. I usually use images of the human body from medical books that I order online or in bookshops.
This fascination with the imperfection is sometimes linked to images of the human body as explained above but also the not visible ‘human condition’. It always has fascinated me to understand why people behave the way they do under extreme circumstances. I find and study these extreme moments in history books. – Ashkan Honarvar (source:

f5What for did you get into this WEIRD stuff?
I think fellow Weird artist here will confirm; you don’t get into this Weird stuff! We are just Weird from the start. – Ashkan Honarvar (source:

f6A very nice interview with Ashkan Honarvar on this link. 

f7Identity Lost is another series I really love, find it here.

f8Honarvar´s collages speak to humanity´s intrinsic obliviousness, heightened by vanity and abused by others. We think we know ourselves and the world around us, but how much do we really understand? Just as Honarvar´s figures are obliterated, severed, and reorganized by him, we are often at the mercy of circumstances outside our control. Ignorance of our places in the world can impair our abilities to deal with these unique circumstances.Annabel Osberg