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A History of Philosophy

In the beginning, there were a few things we didn’t know. 

First of all, you can’t play two radio stations at once, since music is only there if you hear distant voices at the end of each movement, the footsteps at the very edge of the stage.

And no one ever made a film about telescopes, ghosts, or the stars, even though we both remembered it from the night before.

Even worse, there is no dark side of the moon, only weather.

Because of all this, you realized nothing could save you, not even words like affect, pretense, & subsequent.  Not logic or a field map.  For awhile, you just kept reading Kierkegaard, hoping that a corridor would reveal itself to you.

Days passed.  I arrived with sheet music, poured a glass of water, & left.  When you looked up from the book, even the walls of that little room were gone.

(Poem taken from this website, if you want to read more – find it here )

The End Is a Bonus :                                                      

lightMarie: I love to smoke. Smoking a cigarette is like… forgetting. When I hit rock bottom, it’s all I have. Light up, smoke up, shut the fuck up. It hides the shit. The smoke… hides… the shit. There’s menthol and vanilla. Some people like ’em. Menthol cigarette. Vanilla cigarette. Chocolate cigarette. Cigarette cigarette. Cigarettes clearly keep me from going crazy. Keeps me alive. It keeps me alive until I die.”

Heartbeats/Les Amours Imaginaires (2010)