Michael Pederson (?) / Public Signage Art

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Bad Marketing: There is a person called Michael Pederson (other times even Michael Person) who has a website called ”Miguel Marquez Outside”. No one knows who makes the (cool) stuff… Everyone loves it and thinks it’s Miguel Marquez. Does Miguel Marquez exist? That iz the question. Even if I don’t know who’s art is this, I will show you my favorites. Credits… See the website.   

I like what he does because of the obvious connection between street and art, but I also value the literature‘s place in his work. I hope you take your time and read it. He has great ideas.

m2Pederson makes use of pre-existing elements like park benches or abandoned furniture to share messages meant to snap a viewer out of their daily routine and see the world from a more contemplative or even childlike perspective, if only for a moment. (source)



m3tumblr_nv69870oTe1t3t6f3o2_540m7tumblr_nqr65wEVcY1t3t6f3o1_1280tumblr_npimvapQI71t3t6f3o1_r1_540Michael Pederson-Miguel Marquez--Outside5blastIt can be found on the streets of Sydney, Australia.

And there is a lot more just as brilliant, here.