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Colombo was born in Kitchener, Ontario, in 1936. He attended the University of Toronto, where he began to organize literary events in the late 1950s. He began writing and publishing poetry in the early 1960s; his imprint Hawkshead Press published Margaret Atwood‘s first collection of poetry in 1963. He also facilitated the appearance of first books of fiction written by Hugh Hood and Alice Munro and the first mass-market publication of a science-fiction story by Robert J. Sawyer. He served as literary manager of the old Bohemian Embassy in Toronto and wrote poetry and also pioneered “found poetry” in the country. He then moved into editorial positions with some of Toronto’s large publishing houses, including McClelland and Stewart and Hurtig. During that period, he edited George Grant‘s Lament for a Nation, and served as managing editor of the Tamarack Review, at the time the leading literary quarterly.

Animation Poetry based on the poems of Canadian poet John Robert Colombo, what I found:

A poem by John Robert Colombo for those of you who don’t have time to see all of the above….


2 Thus the Distinguished Author’s
3 Headline — and deadline.
4 So here he lies —
5 Abandoned by his readers,
6 Remaindered by his publishers,
7 Stung by resentful reviewers,
8 Cold-shouldered by hard-headed anthologists,
9 Uneasy lies the dead head.
10 When asked to comment on his own demise,
11 He replied, in measured tones:
12 “No one expects the dead
13 To have opinions. Or do they?”
14 Friends and non-friends alike recalled
15 His oft-quoted bon mot:
17 A usually reliable source
18 Offered a note of caution”
19 “Wait and see,
20 He’s been dead before
21 And he’ll be dead again.”


1] The title is Latin for “After death.”
16] Heywood C. Broun (1888-1939) reputedly said: “Posterity is as likely to be wrong as anybody else” (Sitting on the World [1924]).

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