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p1A while back I discovered this amazing project, Found Polaroids. I am freakishly obsessed with polaroids and this website gave me great material to look at. The story is simple: Kyler Zeleny collected over the years polaroids found in different places. Now there are over 6000 images and the coolest online project on polaroids you’ll ever see. We can actually write/send stories about the people in the images, and it would be attached to the images. Unfamiliar faces get to have a story. There are so manny pieces of personal life here that will surely give you a better perspective on the… Grand scheme of things.

Humanity’s warmth!

p2Now I have to quote the nicest thing I read about polaroids, someone from DeviantArt said it:

“I love polaroids, because EVERYTHING looks amazing as a polaroid. I mean, you could take a picture of a foot, and it’d be the coolest foot ever, because it’s a polaroid. And you could take a picture of trash, and it’d be the coolest trash I’ve ever seen, because it’s a polaroid.(I’m a bit obsessed with polaroids.)”

p3About the project:

While this website is primarily meant to bring together an online community of writers, photographers, artists, and felines of all forms, our intent is to share the images and their corresponding stories as widely as possible across different mediums.


Found on this website is a curated cross-section of the wider collection. Each image has its own story and context, all of which are as of yet unknown to us. Although the images have been shared in publications (The Velvet Cell and Becapricious) and have been presented at numerous conferences (including IVSA and CSA), Kyler felt that there was still a draw to deliver the images back to their owners, if possible.  If one of these images features yourself or someone that you know, please contact us. We would like to hear your story and reunite you with your lost photographs. However, if these images do not belong to you, and you do not know the individuals featured in them, we would like to invite you to write a story creating a new meaning and ultimately altering our understanding of their context, one that moves beyond the surface level. (source)


Quality writing paired with these lovely images can be moving, and helps give life back to images that might otherwise find themselves in a waste bin. (source)

p7So I invite you to share this project. It really deserves it!

p6Find More Images On The Found Polaroids Website.