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Sally Mann (n. 1951, Virginia) este unul dintre cei mai cunoscuţi şi mai valoroşi fotografi contemporani. Stilul ei  este original, aproape simplu şi uşor de recunoscut, preferă subiecte precum: copii (uneori proprii ei copii), peisaje dar şi cele care sugerează moartea.

Photography: (c) Sally Mann


Seria mea preferată este cea de autoportrete care au fost realizate în perioada în care artista a avut un accident şi nu se putea mişca din pat. Iată cum s-a întâmplat:

On 11 August 2006, New York’s Edwynn Houk Gallery in received the following email from the American fine-art photographer Sally Mann:

“I had a real smash-up on Saturday…my stallion, cantering along way up in the mountains, suddenly staggered, reared back and fell over on me. I was knocked out but my friends say in his struggles to get up, he pummeled my back with his (newly shod that morning, *sigh*) hooves, bouncing me like a ragdoll… …I came to consciousness in time to see him come crashing down next to me, dying.” Mann went on to describe her own parlous state following the fall.

Terrible, indescribable. Walked delirious 4 miles off the mountain and have been flat on my back for 6 days- Damaged everything, ribs, sternum, vertebrae, and black and blue from my eyes to my knees. The doctor who came out said, ‘You’re going to hurt like crap for a long time’ and so far he’s been right. Sad about the horse, too. I was really crazy about him. Probably an aneurysm killed him. Anyway, if ever I can get vertical and move my arms, beyond typing that is, I will try some printing…”  (SURSA)

Câteva exemple:


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Puteţi vedea mai multe fotografii ale acestei serii în linkul de aici.

“If I could be said to have any kind of aesthetic, it’s sort of a magpie aesthetic—I just go and pick up whatever is around. If you think about it, the children were there, so I took pictures of my children. It’s not that I’m interested in children that much or photographing them—it’s just that they were there…” Sally Mann

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“What is truth in photography? It can be told in a hundred different ways. Every thirtieth of a second when the shutter snaps, its capturing a different piece of information.”

“I think truth is a layered phenomenon. There are many truths that accumulate and build up. I am trying to peel back and explore these rich layers of truth. All truths are difficult to reach.”Sally Mann



“Some of my pictures are poem-like in the sense that they are very condensed, haiku-like. There are others that, if they were poetry, would be more like Ezra Pound. There is a lot of information in most of my pictures, but not the kind of information you see in documentary photography. There is emotional information in my photographs.”Sally Mann


“I’m so worried that I’m going to perfect [my] technique someday. I have to say its unfortunate how many of my pictures do depend upon some technical error.” Sally Mann



“Sometimes, when I get a good picture, it feels like I have taken another nervous step into increasingly rarified air. Each good-news picture, no matter how hard-earned, allows me only a crumbling foothold on this steepening climb—an ascent whose milestones are fear and doubt.” Sally Mann

”I struggle with enormous discrepancies: between the reality of motherhood and the image of it, between my love for my home and the need to travel, between the varied and seductive paths of the heart. The lessons of impermanance, the occasional despair and the muse, so tenuously moored, all visit their needs upon me and I dig deeply for the spiritual utilities that restore me: my love for the place, for the one man left, for my children and friends and the great green pulse of spring.” Sally Mann



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Photography & text-quotes: (c) Sally Mann